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Think and Initiate



Dear visitor,


Based on the Ministry of Civil Service vision of the need for community participation and constructive criticism that contributes in achieving the Ministry's vision and mission. We are pleased to receive your comments by contact us through visitors requests service  (available in Arabic version​), through which you can send your opinions and suggestions about the development of any of the civil service aspects.


Participation Areas:


1.     Promotions

2.     Transfer

3.     Deputation, acting and Secondment

4.     Leaves and official holidays

5.     Foreign scholarship

6.     Internal scholarship

7.     Training

8.     Termination

9.     Allowances, rewards and financial benefits

10.   Job performance appraisal

11.   Probation

12.   Principal and domains of delegation

13.   Special Needs Care Considerations

14.   Other (mention).

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:59 AM
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