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Terms & Conditions



In order to achieve the desired objectives and demonstrate the expected image of the participants' ethics and culture, please check the terms and conditions below for the available e-participation:


-    Commitment to the Islamic teachings and ethics and to the prevailing national customs and traditions.

-    Commitment to the relevant State laws.

-    The participation should be written in a readable formula.

-    Never send the pa​rticipation post more than once.

-    ​Please, refrain from writing any abusive, obscene or indecent words, or insulting and defamatory any person or entity, or enduring offensive religious, sectarian or racist meanings, whatever are the reasons.

-    ​Be careful when stating religious texts (Quran verses and Hadith.. etc.) in comments mentioned in the site to prevent distortion or error in the terms. Kindly, do not use religious texts in improper place.

-    ​Observe the rules of the standard Arabic language and dictation as much as possible.

-    ​Participation should be serious, objective, clear and concise.

-    ​Do not disclose personal data such as names, contacts, addresses, and marketing to any other party.

-    ​Do not misuse the Ministry's systems when e-participation with what affecting its performance, safety, speed, continuity, or depriving others from its benefits.

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:58 AM
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