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Participation Outcome



At present, community participation considered as one of the most important success factors, through which citizens participate in decision-making, and make the beneficiary voice heard by many community participation means.

Decisions made based on results of citizens suggestions and e-participations


​​ Service Development made on systems based on community participations

-Applicants are allowed to reject the results of documentation of their qualification

-Applicants are allowed to add more than one qualification, and to activate the chosen one.

Tenure VerificationDue to the difficulty of tenure verification procedures on beneficiaries, a cooperation has been made with the Public Pension Agency to automate the tenure verification application and its related procedures.
TAWASOLThe request "technical support" has been added to allow the beneficiaries to contact the specialists in the Ministry to solve the technical problems regarding the services.
Appointment ServiceAppointment service is available to allow citizens to meet the Minister in specific days for woman and men in order to solve serious problems.
Classification GuideThe direct, peer and accepted experiences for the job were integrated under a unified title "adequate experience " to facilitate the beneficiary's access to the information direct .
Statistic of published surveys and questioners
​​ Number Participants Number
Surveys25 63295
questioners4 731



Suggestions and feedbacks by the citizens
 Opinion​Enquiry​​Grand Total
​​​​ citizenEmployeeTotalcitizenEmployee​​Total​​​​ 

​Published statistics until​ 31\3\2017


Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:59 AM
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