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Participation Policy



E-participation gained a considerable importance since it allows citizens to contribute in choosing the appropriate mechanism for them. It also ensures that their views and suggestions are communicated to all officials at the Ministry at various levels, led by His Excellency the Minister.

Community e-participation consists of several electronic communication and interaction channels, which convey views and opinions of portal's visitors such as citizens, government entities and businesses. This participation will electronically reach the concerned department or authority in the Ministry, who will promptly respond while maintaining information privacy and confidentiality principle during the process.

The Ministry of Civil Service ensures to exploit modern techniques for providing opportunities for everybody to communicate and share their experiences, suggestions, solutions, ideas and problems with the Ministry via various electronic means. This comes from ministry's strong belief in the importance of constructive criticism and dialogues, benefiting from specialists experiences in civil service and beneficiaries experiences of Ministry of Civil Service in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as contributing in development, renaissance and decision-making. 

The Ministry of Civil Service is keen to supervise and review all participations before publishing to ensure compliance with the government laws regarding this issue, and to enhance the quality of the dialogue in order to achieve the desired objectives.

The Ministry introduces "TAWASOL" program as a simple mean for whoever wants to communicate with it, and to ensure a full freedom of participation and providing opportunities for all to make their voices heard by officials. The Ministry has the right to delete or not publish participations contrary with its policies or against the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without any obligation. Under no circumstances, the Ministry, its employees, or representatives, are not legally responsible for the consequences of published comments or notes as participations via its electronic means.

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:58 AM
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