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Results of using open data


Open data of the Ministry allows all users to use this data in studies, private research, services development and smart phones applications in general based on these data.


Open data of job scales:

Job scales were published to all civil service sectors in the open data of job scales, which are:

  • Public Employees Pay Scale

      Pay Scale of Saudi Health Practitioners of Operating Programs Working in General, Specialized, and Referral Hospitals.

  • Pay scale of Faculty members and lecturers. 
  • Pay scale of judges
  • Pay scale of Non- cadre
  • Pay scale of Wagetory Items employees.
  • Pay scale of educational jobs.
  • Pay scale of diplomatic jobs

      Pay scale of health sector jobs regulation


These open job scales data allow interested people to view the details of salaries and job steps and grades. In addition, the open data allow developers to use this data to develop systems and applications that help to calculate the salary accurately for citizens. The Ministry of Civil Service has developed the Ministry's application on smart phones, which includes many services including salary calculation service.


Open data for jobs listed in job announcement:


The job data listed in job announcement allow jobseekers constantly to view job opportunities that are appropriate to their qualifications, providing a lot of time and effort for applicants, as these data would direct job seekers to the most demanding majors in the labor market. It also allows developers and programmers leverage this data in the development of applications and programs in the field of employment.


Open data for e-services evaluation results:

 The Ministry of Civil Service is keen to publish the results of evaluation and public opinion polls of e-services provided by the Ministry in order to develop the e-services.


The Ministry of Civil Service aims to establish a unified center to provide open data to beneficiaries, and develop a strategy for such data in order to enhance transparency and encourage electronic participation. The open data platform provides different sets of data in a format that is easy to process and reuse.


One of the most important uses of this data is to support the adoption of some decisions based on these data. Therefore, the following decisions have been taken:


Initiative of activating teleworking and increasing female participation in the civil service:

​The Ministry published open data on jobs included in job announcements, which show an increase in female applicants for announced jobs and illustrate the labor market need for increasing female jobs. 


The initiative to activate female's teleworking and increase their participation in the civil service was adopted. This initiative aims at increasing opportunities for female in the labor market through the nationalization of female's jobs with proper qualification, activating teleworking and increasing their participation in leadership positions.


The initiative for decreasing the variance in salaries and benefits in all Civil public sectors:


The Ministry published open data on the job scales and the distribution of salaries based on grades and steps, which show variation in salary and compensation for the civil service sectors. As a result, it may affects the productivity in the government sector and the disparity in performance of employees.


Accordingly, an initiative has been adopted in the Ministry of Civil Service to decreasing the variance in salaries and benefits in all civil public sectors.

The importance of this initiative is to create a fair salary system that motivates outstanding performance and increases justice in salaries and allowances of the government sector.​

Last Update: 5/10/2017 4:15 PM
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