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Vision & Mission


A civil service represents professional practices, through human resources with distinct capacities contribute efficiently and effectively in improving performance and productivity, upgrading its employees and services, and advancing the administrative development process in various sectors of government.


Working on the provision of merit-based systems, policies and procedures characterized by transparency, integrity and equal opportunities of selection, recruitment and development to achieve job satisfaction for civil servants in Saudi Arabia and upgrade the level of services provided to citizens.


The Ministry of Civil Service adopts the best professional and ethical practices that generate and reinforce confidence in its practices, and deals with  the pertinent parties respectfully and professionally.
 The Ministry of Civil Service adopts the principle of transparency in all its operations, and procedures. It is committed to the disclosure of achievements and the results achieved in order to inform the citizens, government agencies, and civil servants in the kingdom.

Equal  Opportunities
The Ministry of Civil Service ensures equal opportunities for all citizens in the selection and recruitment process as well as promotions, qualifications, training and other areas of the civil service. 

Cooperation and consultation
The Ministry of civil service adopts a strategy of integration between the various government bodies and constructive communication with civil servants. In addition, it cooperates with local and international distinct institutions through partnership programs to promote and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work, and to live up to expectations.

Merit is the basis upon which the Ministry of the Civil Service depends on meeting  the needs of governmental agencies, achieving the aspirations of civil servants, and putting the right employee in the right job. Merit is represented in the verse: «Indeed, the best one you can hire is the strong and the most trustworthy ».

The Ministry of Civil Service adopts the optimal utilization of resources in order to achieve the desired goals, with a commitment to the quality of service in the shortest time and with the lowest cost and effort.
Acceleration of achievements
The Ministry of civil service adopts a strategic concept for e-communication with external parties, job seekers, and public employees to ensure fast and accurate transactions through the activation of the technology and e-communication, and exchange of information via various automated communication channels.

Last Update: 4/22/2019 5:59 PM
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