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Ease Of Use


The portal of the Ministry of Civil Service provides quick and easy access to all the information available to all its visitors and users, regardless of their educational or technical. Some of the major features of the portal's operation are outlined below: 

Portal lists:

The Portal has two types of lists: the first is the top list; the best global practices are used to build this list. It also contains all services arranged according to the classification and importance of each service. Moreover, this list appears in every page of the Portal; it allows the visitor to access the Portal services from any of its pages. The second list is the side list that displays links directly related to the current page visited by the visitor, which will provide additional information related to the current page.


The Portal is distinguished by a browsing system that allows visitor to know his current location in the portal and allows him to move from one level to another through links that appear on each page showing the sequence of the process of building the portal pages as follows:


AJAX Technology:       

This technology allows easy access to the Portal's information and processing and reviewing data as on the main page that displays the basic services on the portal. It displays information and service description once you put the cursor on the name of the service, making it easier for the user to read the service information without the need to update the entire page.

For a Better Browsing:

To ensure a better browsing, you are advised to use the following browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (or later), Safari and Opera. It is preferred to use the latest versions of these browsers because they are always updated to increase portal's performance speed, in addition to filling the gaps that may appear in the browsers sometimes. The portal does not have additional operating elements to display portal's data and information making it easier to browse without the need for any additional elements, such as Flash or Java Applet.


The Ministry of Civil Service is keen to facilitate access to information and portal services for all categories. Therefore, many new features and technologies have been added to the portal to facilitate users of special needs accessibility including font size control, automatic text reading and providing written texts for visual media files published on the portal.

When you encounter any problem with availability, do not hesitate to contact us through TAWASOUL service and choose the subject (technical support).​

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:36 AM
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