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About The Electronic Portal


​​The Ministry of Civil Service seeks ​to highlight the implementation of e-services in accordance with international and local standards based on the ​directions of establishing the origin of e-government work and activating the role of e-government. Thus, the true value of Ministry's portal role will be shown by implementation of the ministry's mission through development of employee and public job. 

Since the Ministry of Civil Service represents one of the main and vital pillars in the service sectors in the Kingdom, it has a large portion in e-transformation process initiated by the Kingdom according to Kingdom's leadership guidance in order to transfer the entire sectors of the kingdom into cognitive society depends on e-government transactions. 

It also aims to provide forms, files, and regulations, which all the public sector employees, career ladders and decisions related to are based upon, for all citizens, residents and users in addition to private sector. As well as, it focuses on both specialists and non-specialists. It also considers as an effective communication channel especially for all civil servants and the public employees and for all its service beneficiaries in general. The portal's vision, mission, and strategic objectives are as following:    


Seeking to become the portal of the Ministry of Civil Service is the most widely used channel by the beneficiaries, and develop it to be the most important interact and communicate tool to support partnership principle and constructive dialogue.


Providing information for users and public employees, and increasing the career awareness for the employee, and providing the easiest e-services for citizens, government entities, and portal beneficiaries.

Strategic Goals:

  • The portal is the media interface for the ministry documenting its news and provides detailed information about the ministry's services.
  • Emphases on participation and dialogue principle in decision making through several of e-participation channels.
  • Review the Ministry's role in Sustainable Development process, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing nowadays.

Review the Ministry's achievements in the process of e-government transformation.

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:38 AM
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