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Applying W3C Standards


The Ministry of Civil Service seeks to apply the best standards at the portal. The standards of W3C considered as the specifications adopted by the Ministry and sought to apply them all throughout the portal, and some of the standards that have been applied are:​ 

·  Using XHTML.

·  Using "AJAX" technology to make it easier for the users getting needed information quickly without the need to update the whole page.

·  Providing PDA for the Portal as well as the possibility to modify the personal account information of registered users on the portal.

·  Making the website available in both Arabic and English languages to achieve the W3C standards. In addition, the content will appear properly in case of visiting the Portal by users have browsers in other languages.

·  All the designs and images in the portal are adjusted to W3C standards, where PNG, JPG and GIF images are used, working on all work platforms, which helps to display images to all users of the portal.

Provide the portal with a set of visual files related to the Ministry of Civil Service.

Last Update: 3/25/2019 12:37 AM
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