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Term of Use and Disclaimer

​This portal of the Ministry of Civil Service in Saudi Arabia (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of Civil Service Portal" or "Portal") is available for your personal use. Your access to and use of t​his portal is subject to these terms and conditions of use, the regulations of Saudi Arabia. Your access and e​ntry to the portal considered as unconditional agreement from your side to the Terms and Conditions of Use, whether or not you are a registered user, and this agreement will be applicable from the first date you use this portal. 

Any amendment to these Terms and Conditions shall take effect immediately upon its announcement, unless otherwise indicated. Your continued use of this portal following the announcement of any amendment means your full acceptance of such amendment. These terms and conditions of use include the Privacy and Equity Policy section. 

Restrictions on use 
By using the Ministry of Civil Service Portal, you agree to refrain from: 
1. Provide or download files containing software, materials, data or other information that you do not own or have license. 
2. Use this portal in any way to send any commercial or unwanted e-mail, or any abuse of this kind to the portal of the Ministry of Civil Service. 
3. Provide or download files on this portal containing viruses or corrupted data. 
4. Publish, post, distribute or circulate material or information that contains repugnance, violation of laws, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, or illegal material or information through the Ministry of Civil Service Portal. 
5. Participation through the Ministry of Civil Service's portal in illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
6. Advertising - on the portal of the Ministry of Civil Service - any product or service that makes us in violation of any law or system applied in any field. 
7. Use any means, program or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the correct operation of the Ministry of Civil Service portal. 
8. Take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the portal infrastructure. 

Links to and from our portal
Use of links to the Ministry of Civil Service Portal: 
1. You must submit a specific application and obtain the approval of the Ministry of Civil Service before establishing links to this portal, displaying any of its contents in a framework, or participating in any similar activities. 
2. The Ministry of Civil Service reserves the right to impose any conditions when it allows the creation of any electronic link to this portal or any of its contents, or to display this portal or any of its contents in a framework. 
3. In no event shall the Ministry of Civil Service be involved in or associated with any marks, logos, trade or service marks, or other means used or displayed on the websites linked to this portal or any of its contents. 
4. The Ministry of Civil Service retains full rights to stop and disallow any association in any way from any site that contains inappropriate, obscene, transitive, pornographic, inappropriate, unacceptable, illegal, or material or information that violates any law, or infringes any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or publicity rights. 
5. The Ministry of Civil Service reserves the right to disable any link in any way that is not authorized, and assumes no responsibility for the contents available at any other site accessed through this portal or access to this portal. 
6. Except the above, the transmission, copying or making links with the Ministry of Civil Service portal or any of its contents, or displaying this portal or any of its contents in a framework, shall be expressed. 

 Links from the Ministry of Civil Service Portal 

1. Links to other portals and / or websites are provided for your convenience. We are not responsible for the content or credibility of the portals and / or sites to which we link and do not endorse their content, and the use of links to access such sites or portals is at your own risk. 
2. We aim to replace broken, non-working links with other links, but we can not guarantee that these links will work permanently.

Virus protection 
 The Ministry of Civil Service makes every effort to inspect and test the contents of this portal at all stages of production, and we advise you to always run an anti-virus program on all materials downloaded from the Internet, and we do not hold responsible for any loss or interruption or damage to your data or computer, which may occur during connection to this portal, or when using material from this portal. 

Waiver of claims
  • The Ministry of Civil Service portal and the services, information, materials and functions available or accessible through the portal provided for your personal use "as is" and "as available" without any endorsement, promise or warranty of any kind, except with other governmental entities that we are associated with by written agreements.
  • We can not guarantee or assume responsibility for any interruptions, errors or omissions that may arise from the use of this portal or its contents or any associated site, whether with our knowledge or without our knowledge.
  • Any communications or information that the user may send through this portal will cancel his/her right to own it or the right to ensure its confidentiality. Any use or interactive use contained in this portal does not guarantee or is not intended to guarantee the user any rights, licenses or privileges of any Type.

Limitations of Liability
  • The electronic services provided by the Ministry of Civil Service online portal and information about different departments and government agencies are provided only to facilitate the manual procedures. You hereby acknowledge your full knowledge that the communication over the Internet may be subject to interference or objection by third parties and that the portal does not replace the information available through And that administrative requests and procedures can be taken directly before the specialized authorities.
  • Therefore, the use of this portal remains at your own risk, and we are not in any way responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that you may incur as a result of your use or visit to the portal or your reliance on any statement, opinion or advertisement on the portal, for any delay in operation, connection failure, problems accessing the Internet, hardware or software malfunctions, behavior or thoughts of anyone accessing this portal.
  • You hereby acknowledge and agree that your exclusive and sole remedy for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of your access to or use of this portal is to refrain from using, accessing, or not continuing to do so.

Translating the Portal Contents and Data Usage
The Ministry of Civil Service disclaims any external translation of the portal’s content, whether through translation services, electronic translation sites, personal translation, or any other means of translation. In the event of translation of the portal’s content or any part thereof, the Ministry shall not hold any responsibility or liability for such translations or their use.

All information, data and services offered on this portal are the property of the Ministry of Civil Service. Accordingly, none of its contents may be transferred, printed or uploaded except for the purpose of public use or for use within the Ministry. No part of these pages may be reused, stored or stored elsewhere or incorporated into any public or private electronic retrieval system without the prior written consent of the Ministry of Civil Service.

The Ministry of Civil Service is not responsible for any data or information transmitted, copied or displayed outside the Ministry's portal for any purpose and in any form. The Ministry does not bear any consequences or damages that may occur for the transfer of the contents of the Ministry's portal.

 You hereby acknowledge that no action is taken against the Ministry of Civil Service or any of its administration, indemnification and liability, as well as any entities, agents or personnel responsible for the administration, maintenance, updating or provision of the portal of the Ministry of Civil Service, and any and all obligations and responsibilities that may arise in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of the terms and conditions of use, or any applicable law in Saudi Arabia or where you reside. 

Termination of use 
At our sole discretion, we may terminate, restrict or suspend your right to access and use the portal without notice and for any reason, including violation of terms and conditions of use or any other conduct that we may deem unlawful or harmful to others. In case of termination of use, you are not authorized to access this portal. 

Property rights 
 This portal is supervised by the Information Center Technically, a department of the Ministry of Civil Service in Saudi Arabia. The materials contained in this portal, including graphic images of information and software (contents) are protected by copyright, trademark, and other forms of property rights. Except as otherwise indicated, you may not sell, license, rent, modify, copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, advertise, transmit, distribute, publicly display, edit or create derivative works of any material or content from this Portal to the public Or for commercial purposes, without the prior written consent of the Ministry of Civil Service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any amendment to the contents of the portal is strictly prohibited. The graphics and images in this portal are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced or used in any manner without prior written consent from the Ministry of Civil Service in Saudi Arabia. 

Judicial reference 
 You hereby agree to submit exclusively to the judicial authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in respect of all claims and disputes arising out of your use of this portal. 

Electronic Forms 
 The portal contains electronic forms and models that citizens or government agencies or institutions can use and reload on private devices or through them may query and update their personal data. More electronic forms will be added later, as many of the regular models will be available electronically. 

Please note the following points when using electronic forms:
  • To protect a user's personal data, certain permissions will be given to each user group based on queries and updates they can make.
  • The Ministry of Civil Service is not responsible for any wrong data, although the data entered will be considered correct.

Relevant legislation 

We are also happy to receive your inquiries, suggestions and feedback through ( Communication Channels ).
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